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Telephone/Skype Coaching Sessions:

These are done via skype or a land line.  Once you have made initial contact via email, we can then make arrangements for a convenient time for me to skype you.  If it is to be via a land line, then I will provide a number for you to call me on.  Please choose a time when you know you will not be interrupted.  It is important for you to concentrate on your thoughts and feelings therefore create a space in which to do so.

Coaching sessions last up to a maximum of 60 minutes in order to be effective, any longer and it may become non productive for the client.  However, if it is deemed beneficial to the client to have email contact in between sessions, then this can be arranged at no additional cost.  I do recommend three sessions (one hour per month) over a three month period. However, everyone is unique and it may be beneficial to have more or less.

If you wish to order your Telephone/Skype coaching session, please make your initial enquiry here. Once you have arranged your session, please go to the paypal payment button below to make your payment.

If you need to cancel your coaching session after payment has been completed, you must give at least 48 hours notice otherwise a full refund may not be issued.

A discount of 20% may apply if you book and pay for three sessions in advance.



Week Day Skype/tele



Weekend Skype/tele